Love, the most powerful force in the Universe, must always win in the journey of life.

Creating a loving, successful, life is challenging and no easy task. Watching children become aware of and demonstrate important principles for happiness is heart warming. The Love Store’s mission offers valuable items and knowledge they will need along the road of life.

Lavita, Tommy, and the crew travel the world to places that need to raise the power of love to restore kindness and peace. Communities are strengthened with The Love Store’s offerings. For free! Love works to enlighten hearts and restore hope.

You are invited to come along with The Love Store’s team. You will be surrounded and protected in the light of The Love Store.

Excitement and mystery are brought to life with sixty illustrations. A children’s book, this is a valuable, lasting keepsake for families to pass on the love.

Have fun with us as love wins for our customers.

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